Re-watch our Instagram live: how to make preserves 🥒🥕🌶️

This month we spoke to the Wonky Food Company live on Instagram. They told us about their work to fight food waste, by turning imperfect and surplus fruit and vegetables into tasty preserves.

But it’s not just for the professionals! Their preserves expert Laura shared with us how to make easy preserves at home, to help give veggies a new lease of life and combat food waste.

Laura talked us through how to make your own ‘quick pickles’, relishes and oil-packed vegetables. We went on to talk about how to lacto-ferment vegetables in salted water, and our project coordinator Anaïs showed off her homemade fermented kimchi and sriracha chilli sauce!

We were all thoroughly hungry by the end of this conversation – and we’re sure you will be too! Check out the video our conversation below 👇🏾

Almost any fruit and vegetable can be preserved, and there are many methods – you can find a list of useful resources at the bottom of this page.

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