Changing Plates with One Planet Abingdon

Post by Gina Davis on behalf of Replenish My Vegan Journey I have been involved in One Planet Abingdon Climate Emergency Centre from its opening on 25th September 2021. I can’t remember when I became mostly vegan but it must be at least five years ago now. I still eat the occasional bit of dairy,Continue reading “Changing Plates with One Planet Abingdon”

Fill Bellies Not Bins This Christmas

Streamline your shopping Perfect your portions Use a portion planner to work out how much to cook. BBC Good Food have a Christmas specific one or try Love Food Hate Waste’s planner for more foods. Remember with more side dishes, you won’t need full portions of each. Go for a turkey crown or a chicken,Continue reading “Fill Bellies Not Bins This Christmas”

Welcoming Jo to Replenish

Hi, I’m Jo and I’m thrilled to be taking on the role of Replenish Project Coordinator from December. I originally trained in nutrition and dietetics and I’m looking forward to working on a project that promotes eating well, alongside wasting less. I’m passionate about reducing waste, especially in the kitchen, as well as recycling andContinue reading “Welcoming Jo to Replenish”

Have you heard our podcast?

We are so excited to share with you all our new podcast episode, all about the community groups and organisations taking action to tackle food waste in Oxfordshire. One third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. This is at every level of the foodContinue reading “Have you heard our podcast?”

Warm up this winter by growing chillies

Post by Jo on behalf of Replenish I would love to be self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables, but so far I have only managed this with chillies. As the weather has been so mild, I’m still harvesting lots from my outdoor plants. They are not frost hardy and won’t survive winter outdoors, so I’m thinkingContinue reading “Warm up this winter by growing chillies”

A bucket of worms! Teaching kids about food waste and composting

How do you get children thinking about where their food comes from – and where it goes if we throw it in the bin? We recently headed down to a local primary school to do just that… I hold the bucket close to my chest. “You’ll need to be very gentle”, I say to theContinue reading “A bucket of worms! Teaching kids about food waste and composting”

Save your spuds (and save the planet)

Fresh potatoes are the most wasted food in UK homes. Our food waste feeds climate change. If we stopped wasting potatoes in UK homes, it would prevent 1.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.1 If you’re wondering how binning the odd limp lettuce or mouldy carrot is linked to climate change, find out here. HowContinue reading “Save your spuds (and save the planet)”