Ten ways to stop wasting bananas …and the peel

In the UK we waste 920,000 bananas every single day.1 Each year 3,000 hectares of land1 and 330 billion litres of water1 is used to grow bananas that we throw away! Below are some ideas to make better use of your bananas and the peels. 1. Just eat them  Perhaps you prefer yellow or evenContinue reading “Ten ways to stop wasting bananas …and the peel”

All About Pumpkins

It’s that time of year again, when the markets and shops are full of pumpkins. Did you know that traditionally turnips were carved to make lanterns? It was only when people from England and Ireland went to America in the 1800’s, that they started carving pumpkins instead. Read more about Halloween history on the EnglishContinue reading “All About Pumpkins”

Meal planning: the key to wasting less food?

When I first learned that meal planning was one of the best ways to avoid food waste, I was pretty against the idea. I am not a planner, especially when it comes to cooking. I prefer to cook with ‘guess-ipes’ than recipes – meaning I look in the fridge and cupboard, fish out anything thatContinue reading Meal planning: the key to wasting less food?