How to make a mini worm farm

What is worm composting? Worm composting is where organic matter (like food waste) is broken down by living creatures, including worms, bacteria and other micro-organisms. As worms digest the food scraps, the nutrients in the food are changed into forms which can then be used by plants. The compost produced can be added to potContinue reading “How to make a mini worm farm”

Re-watch our Instagram live: how to make preserves 🥒🥕🌶️

This month we spoke to the Wonky Food Company live on Instagram. They told us about their work to fight food waste, by turning imperfect and surplus fruit and vegetables into tasty preserves. But it’s not just for the professionals! Their preserves expert Laura shared with us how to make easy preserves at home, toContinue reading “Re-watch our Instagram live: how to make preserves 🥒🥕🌶️”

Growing & composting: Events & workshops

In celebration of Good to Grow Day and Earth Day 2022, we’re working with a host of wonderful organisations to put on a number of free events and workshops to support people to grow their own food and compost at home… Instagram Live Video Q&A In celebration of Earth Day 2022 🌎 we’re teaming up withContinue reading “Growing & composting: Events & workshops”

‘No dig’ gardening: how to clear weeds and prepare the soil

The soil food web Healthy soils are teeming with life, including bacteria, fungi, and worms – to name just a few.  A teaspoon of soil can contain more organisms than there are humans living on Earth! These organisms form part of a number of incredibly complex ecosystems in the soil. These play an important roleContinue reading “‘No dig’ gardening: how to clear weeds and prepare the soil”

Tips for the first-time food grower

Spring has finally started to arrive! For the keen gardeners among us, this means it’s time to come out of our winter hibernation and get ready for the growing season. Whether you’ve got an outdoor space to grow, or only have room for a few pots on a windowsill, it’s well worth having the experienceContinue reading “Tips for the first-time food grower”

Cooking for one – with less work and less waste

Cooking for one can be a lot of work. Even if you love being in the kitchen, having to cook (and wash up!) every day can really take the fun out of it. And as a lot of foods are sold in family-sized packets, it can be a challenge to get through foods in time,Continue reading “Cooking for one – with less work and less waste”

Food waste at home: people “don’t know what to cook” 

People in the UK throw away almost £1.17 billion worth of fruits and vegetables every year, according to a poll carried out by Sainsbury’s1. Fruit and vegetable waste is a huge issue in the UK, with households throwing away 4.4 million potatoes, 1.2 million tomatoes and 2.7 million carrots every day2. This wastage has aContinue reading Food waste at home: people “don’t know what to cook” 

How to make soup from scratch

Soup is a great weekday meal as it’s tasty, healthy and quick to prepare. As you can make a soup using almost any combination of vegetables, it’s also great for using up random ingredients so that they don’t get wasted. What’s more, if you know the basic steps to making a soup, you don’t evenContinue reading “How to make soup from scratch”

Getting started with seed saving

Saving seeds from your crops will not only save you money, but can also produce crops that are better suited to local conditions. Seed saving is fairly simple, but there are a few important things to know before you start. Firstly, you should avoid saving seeds from ‘F1 hybrid’ varieties (this includes most fruit and veg from supermarkets),Continue reading “Getting started with seed saving”