Have you heard our podcast?

We are so excited to share with you all our new podcast episode, all about the community groups and organisations taking action to tackle food waste in Oxfordshire. One third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. This is at every level of the foodContinue reading “Have you heard our podcast?”

A bucket of worms! Teaching kids about food waste and composting

How do you get children thinking about where their food comes from – and where it goes if we throw it in the bin? We recently headed down to a local primary school to do just that… I hold the bucket close to my chest. “You’ll need to be very gentle”, I say to theContinue reading “A bucket of worms! Teaching kids about food waste and composting”

Save your spuds (and save the planet)

Fresh potatoes are the most wasted food in UK homes. Our food waste feeds climate change. If we stopped wasting potatoes in UK homes, it would prevent 1.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.1 If you’re wondering how binning the odd limp lettuce or mouldy carrot is linked to climate change, find out here. HowContinue reading “Save your spuds (and save the planet)”

Meal planning: the key to wasting less food?

When I first learned that meal planning was one of the best ways to avoid food waste, I was pretty against the idea. I am not a planner, especially when it comes to cooking. I prefer to cook with ‘guess-ipes’ than recipes – meaning I look in the fridge and cupboard, fish out anything thatContinue reading Meal planning: the key to wasting less food?

Our recommended read of the month

Managing weeds and pests without harming wildlife and the environment As more is understood about the damage that chemical pesticides and herbicides can have on wildlife and the wider environment, many home growers are looking to ditch the chemicals and switch to organic growing. But at first, this can be a real challenge – anyoneContinue reading “Our recommended read of the month”

Upcoming ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ Events!🥘

We’re delighted to be supporting local community groups to run a number of cooking events this summer to help residents get creative in the kitchen and fight food waste… Free cooking workshops in Abingdon We’re working with fabulous community cook and nutritionist Joanna Tamburino to host a series of cooking workshops at Stonehill Community Garden.Continue reading “Upcoming ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ Events!🥘”

‘Tomate frito’ recipe for using up tomatoes

Tomate frito means ‘fried tomato’ in Spanish and is a delicious yet simple tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes. It’s a fantastic way of using up squishy, overripe tomatoes. It’s popular not only in Spain but across the Mediterranean. This recipe was sent to us by the Restore Littlemore recovery group, where they made thisContinue reading “‘Tomate frito’ recipe for using up tomatoes”