Save your spuds (and save the planet)

Fresh potatoes are the most wasted food in UK homes.
Our food waste feeds climate change.

If we stopped wasting potatoes in UK homes, it would prevent 1.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.1

If you’re wondering how binning the odd limp lettuce or mouldy carrot is linked to climate change, find out here.

How to save your spuds

Store them right

In a cool, dry, dark place and away from onions. We find they last a long time when stored loose in the fridge.

Freeze them

Yes! Wash, chop and parboil potatoes for 5 minutes to kill off enzymes that make them go off, then freeze in meal-sized portions. You can make roasties by roasting frozen potatoes directly from the freezer! Cooked potatoes and mash can also be frozen.

Buy them loose

It’s hard to get through a whole bag of potatoes in time, especially in a small household. Buy a few potatoes loose so you only have what you need.

Eat those skins

Did you know that about half the dietary fibre in a potato is in the skin?

Using up leftover potatoes

Bubble and squeak

Fry cooked potatoes with chopped vegetables (carrots, cabbage, sweetcorn etc.), and garlic, salt and pepper – top with an egg or grated dairy/vegan cheese.

Chuck them in

Add mashed and boiled potatoes to soups, stews, omelettes and curries (like dum aloo, pictured).

Potato salad 

Mix boiled potatoes with mayonnaise, lemon juice, smoked paprika, chives, red onion, capers, pickles and olives – maybe even a boiled egg!

  1. WRAP, LFHW – Citizen Food Waste Prevention, A practical behaviour change playbook for partners v.1.2

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