Simple Steps to a Zero Food Waste Christmas 

Food waste goes up significantly around Christmas time, with 2 million turkeys and 5 million Christmas puddings getting binned in the UK alone!

But with bit of planning and preparation, it is possible to not throw away any food – here are our top tips…

Don’t break the bank

It’s easy to overbuy for the Christmas period, meaning that food can end up going to waste. To help you buy and prepare the right amount of food, check out these off-the-shelf Christmas dinner shopping lists and meal plans, complete with recipes for three course meals for 2, 4 and 6 people – including a vegetarian alternative.

Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cost the earth – see here for chef Jack Monroe’s three course Christmas dinner at £2.50 per head and here for her other thrifty Christmas recipes.

Use up Christmas dinner leftovers

Boxing day hash is a quick way to use up leftover meat, stuffing and gravy, as is turkey and cranberry pie. You can also throw in any leftover vegetables for extra flavour, or remove the meat for a vegetarian alternative.

Another great way to use up any savoury leftovers is to mash them up and turn them into pasties (these can also be frozen for later use).

Get fridge and freezer savvy

In the lead up to Christmas try to use up food in the fridge and freezer so you have space to store leftovers come Christmas day.

Leftovers will last longest if stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Cooked meat stored this way will be safe to eat for 3-4 days (if reheating, make sure that it gets piping hot) and veg for up to 7 days.

If your fridge is too warm, food will go off more quickly. It’s best to keep your fridge between 0°C and 4°C.

Almost any food can be frozen, including cooked meat and veg, stuffing, bread, gravy (in ice cube trays), cakes and puddings. It’s a good idea to divide them into manageable portions first.

Preparing the Garden for Spring – Without Digging

Gardeners have long been told that digging soil over winter will improve its quality. However, soil is teaming with life, including microorganisms, fungi, worms and much more. Digging soil disturbs life and damages soil structure, which in turn leads to soil erosion.  What’s more, the underground ecosystem is highly complex, and we are only just beginning toContinue reading “Preparing the Garden for Spring – Without Digging”

How long are foods safe after their ‘best before’ date?

Many foods are safe to eat long after their ‘best before’ date, according to a new report by WRAP. Foods stored correctly can remain perfectly good to eat for weeks, months or even years, the food waste charity says. Here’s how long they say different foods can remain edible after their ‘best before’ date:  🥐Baked goods: upContinue reading “How long are foods safe after their ‘best before’ date?”

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